5 Things About Traveler Insurance that must you know

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Many Indonesian tourists question the interests of travel insurance. Basically, a trip guarantee will protect you in the event of an accident or loss in transit. Many countries require tourists to have income insurance arriving in the country. European and American countries require that you get travel insurance. a number of things that you need to know about insurance travel.

Types of travel insurance
General travel insurance, the most common is international. Insurance from you in all the right time periods. There is also annual insurance, which covers domestic and international trips with various needs throughout the year. There are companies that provide special insurance and assistance, and also the safest insurance in Indonesia.

There is also student assistance, specifically insurance for students who are studying abroad.

How to register travel insurance

Now, you don't need to come to the insurance office just to register for travel insurance. Some companies such as ACA, AIG, AXA and ACE serve travel insurance registration online.
It's easy. You just enter the travel insurance site, fill in your personal data, destination country and length of trip. You can choose what insurance to do. You can use a credit card to purchase insurance premiums.

Prices and dependents

the Executive Director of the Indonesian General Insurance Association (AAUI), Julian Noor said, the premiums incurred for small insurance trips exceed the total cost of travel. "For those who travel, the premiums are only a fraction of a percent. Not up to one percent of the cost of their trip,"

Prices and dependents on travel insurance vary depending on the company we take. Asuransi Central Asia (ACA), for example, has an executive executive for 21 US dollars with a dependency of 50,000 Euros. This type of executive insurance must be carried out by tourists who want to visit Europe. "Schengen travel insurance is mandatory. In Asian countries it costs 12 US dollars per week," said Sugiarto, Owner of ACA Travel Insurance Products for KompasTravel several years ago. What is covered by insurance travel? Basically, all travel insurance requires medical expenses while abroad. But apparently, there are some premiums that can be used for other conversions. "Travel insurance is also dangerous from losing a tent, or delaying the aircraft," Julian said. Many things are related to losing beds, many of which cannot be used and only a small portion of the items are lost. With premiums from travel insurance, you will get compensation if the suitcase is lost. "There is also a variety of houses. That is for those who travel and send homes for a long time," Julian added.

What if there is terror in the destination country?

Lately, terrorism cases have affected several countries. Starting from the shooting in Paris, the coup in Turkey, to the case in Germany a few days ago. Not many know, travel insurance from you - clear this terror. "If the destination country is not safe or dangerous, you can apply to the company for a premium or additional," Julian said. You need additional fees for this premium. Just like an additional premium on the protection of homes that are thrown away during a vacation. "Usually insurance companies that provide travel insurance and together with Travel agencies have found or thought the same," Julian added. More specifically, Julian stressed, travel agents might not sell tourist destinations for unsafe countries. Then life insurance that does not include additional premiums. However, reflecting on several terrorism cases that have occurred several times, there is something normal if you want to travel to Europe.

How to claim travel insurance,

the process of generating funds or insurance use is divided into two levels. The first scheme is to use the company throughout the world. For example during an accident, all you have to do is show the insurance to the hospital. But not all insurance companies provide this. "The majority of ways to submit claims are to replace reperturse," he said. Julian also explained that giving an illness or accident, you can seek treatment in that country first. Next, you must request a certificate from the doctor as proof when you submit a claim in Indonesia. Keep in mind, before buying travel insurance products, research all the facilities first.

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