The occurrence of lightning

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Lightning is a natural phenomenon that generally occurs during the rainy season, which begins with a flash of light. A moment later there will be a roaring sound called thunder. then occurs a question Why light always looks first then sounds? This occurs because of the difference in timing of occurrence resulting from the difference between the speed of sound and the speed of light. 
 The occurrence of lightning.

For an easier understanding of the occurrence of lightning, we use the analogy of a large capacitor, which is where the first plate is a cloud, this plate can be either negative or positive and the second plate is the earth that has a neutral nature. As we have seen, the capacitor is a negative element in the electrical connection that can store power for a moment or can be called energy storage. As well as lightning, where there are clouds that are negatively charged and positive.

The process of loading in the clouds, because the clouds run regularly, and during his journey, he will connect with other clouds resulting in the gathering of negative charges on either side, whether above or below. While the positive charge gathered on the other side. If the potential difference between the cloud and the big earth, will result in the discharge of negative charges or called electrons.

In this exhausting process, air is the medium through which electrons will pass. If at the time the charge of electrons can penetrate the limits of air insulation this makes the sound of explosion or thunder. Why lightning happens more often in the rainy season? Because during the rainy season, the air contains more high water content, which resulted in the insulation power of the air down and the current more easily passed.

Although the lightning flash falls in a far distant area for example 1 km from your office, the electric current is fixed on various copper cables such as the electric conductive wire of PT. PLN and telephone cable PT. Telkom. These impact currents are still smaller and will still have the capability and electronic equipment such as telephone faxes or computers and computer network equipment.
Lightning is one of the most powerful and destructive natural phenomena. power that can be used to reach 200,000 or equal to the power needed to announce 500 thousand 100 watt bulb lights. Although the lightning current is only for about 200 micro-seconds, the results of the damage caused are extraordinary. The effect of the attack directly is very clear, ranging from damage to buildings, fires to the human soul.

In addition, when it is about to grab, there will be a jump in the electric charge to the object which is a central conductor. This jump can even flow everywhere up to tens of kilometers. For this reason, an excellent lightning rod is needed, especially for buildings, public facilities and business centers that rely on computers or electronic equipment for various business activities.
Lightning has caused damage to humans and damage to equipment long ago. Translated by: tools for low usage use, low low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low, increase, increase, increase, increase, Indonesia has a high thunderstorm day with a large number of lightning strikes, even greater damage and losses.

icated electrical and electronic equipment has caused increasingly complex systems that are needed. The natural state of Indonesia's tropical climate generally includes areas with high lightning days every year. Because of the limited data on the amount of lightning days for each location in Indonesia. At this time it is assumed that the location on a mountain or tower and building towering in the middle of a free or open land such as rice fields, fields, has the possibility of a higher strike. Places with a high level of frequency or people who are looking for the first person to deal with it, while relatively less dangerous places to reach the place simply.

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