Top 10 most luxurious airlines in the world

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  Emirates After our lovely review of their latest first-class, Emirates truly stands out with style and finesse. With floor to ceiling privacy, 40 square feet, temperature control, and Mercedes branded leather seating, it's quite hard to beat. First-class flyers are additionally treated to Hydroactive pyjamas, Bulgari hygiene kits as well as skin care items by Byredo.

                                                                   2. Etihad airways

 Etihad Airways apartment Another national carrier, Etihad has its very own apartment in first class. In terms of space, it is nearly as big as the cabins from Emirates with offering 39 square feet in return. Taller passengers will not have any issues sleeping as it's a seat that reclines to a bed that's 6'10" in length. The apartment has a full wardrobe that lets you change during the flight as well as a shower suite. The food menu is also truly world-class. You will be equipped with amenities from Christian Lacroix and Omorovicza luxury skincare products.

  3. Singapore Airlines
 Singapore Airlines At Singapore airlines, the first-class seat is given a lot of attention, especially with the back seat cushions that ensure comfort throughout the flight. You have an option of booking your gourmet main course up to 24 hours before taking off, which makes you feel like you have your very own private chef. You will also enjoy the fact that you can have a double bed to sleep in. Your amenity kit will be by Salvatore Ferragammo & all the blankets are provided by Givenchy. They also have specialty coffee available on board.

                                                                        4.  Air France

Air France The 'La Premiere' first class offers you Givenchy pajamas, Sofitel MyBed linens and colorful cashmere throws on the beds. They serve Daniel Boulud-designed menus served on Limoges china with Christofle cutlery. An extensive wine selection is also included.

                                                              5. All Nippon Airways

Known for its world-class service, All Nippon Airways offers reclinable, comfortable seats & seat beds with great storage facilities and a choice of a Western or Asian menu. The attendants offer five-star service. Some of the suites offer utmost privacy with sliding doors.

                                                                 6. Qantas Airways 

Qantas Airways has private cabins that come complete with a sheepskin mattress, along with pillows, blankets and duvets. You will also receive noise-cancelling headphones, pyjamas, spa products from SK-II, a dental kit, ear plugs, deodorant, and an eye mask.

                                                                    7. Cathay Pacific 

With massage chairs being part of the deal, who can resist booking a seat on Cathay Pacific's first class cabin? Perks include a complimentary Luxury Aesop amenity kit. Recline and enjoy the 500-thread count sheets. Women’s cases include a variety of creams, such as the Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm; while our amenity kit for men includes Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream and Rosehip Seed Lip Cream. You also get a Chinese style 100% organic cotton sleepsuit.

                                                                   8. Lufthansa

Lufthansa Right from being greeted by a personal assistant the minute you enter the destination airport, to sound insulation & privacy in your cabin, Lufthansa makes sure you're taken care of. The duvet has temperature regulation too.

                                                                     9. Thai airways

Thai airways With a massage service prior to arrival, the Thai airways first class cabin is one to look out for. It offers both comfort and privacy. There is also a lounge area on the place for you to unwind and relax.

                                                                   10. Virgin Atlantic 

Virgin Atlantic The Virgin Atlantic Upper Class cabins are cool as the airline, with fully reclinable seats for added comfort. They also have an extensive menu on board.

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